Two new features for BulbCalculator

Following a request from a BulbCalculator user, I started the work on implementing the export of the bulb into a STL model file, to be able »

Bulbcalculator ported to QT5

After some work, Bulbcalculator is finally ported to QT5, with the future 2.2.0 version. While I am working on this, I also decided to »

Working on stl-tools

Stl-tools get some work in the last couple of days which will be the basis for future development. The main point I nailed out is to »

stl-tools operation: mirror

This want to be the first of a series of posts that will explain the operation that can be performed by stl-tools The first, and the »

On upgrading server software

Short story: when upgrading a production system, always check the release notes of the new version. Long story. After the first upgrade of the server following »

Python and profiling

While working on the Rosalind's problems, I discover a nice feature of python, the cProfile module, that produce an output like this: 5683 function calls (5637 »

Deploying Flask application

As part of my activity with a modeller group near home, I maintain the site of the group (, italian only) and someone suggested »

A nightmare called akonadi...

I finally restored all my mailboxes, after an encounter with akonadi. Background story: I am an kde user from version 3.0 and a kmail user »

First Android program

I finally completed software for Android. Nothing spectacular, is something like a calculator I will use to calculate the safety timer of my battery charger. All »

A look at the Android platform

Out of curiosity, I am looking at the Android platform with the intention to begin to hack on it. The pretext is to have an alternative »