Still working on BE

I am still working on BE. This time I am working to implement from scratch a command to get the output of the bug list as a series of static html pages. This begun as a python script that parse the .be directory directly, but since my first patch was merged, I changed my mind and begin to work to a full be command implementation.

The sintax (still not complety defined) is very simple

be html [–output=output_dir]

This generate in the output_dir (or the default directory that is ./html_export) some statics html pages with the list of the bugs. I have not yet defined how to show the data, I like the ditz output but I’d like to have the bugs list divided by status, with some general information about them (like the number of total bugs, how many are in each status and so on)

For now I have a basic implementation that extract the information from the repository to create a simple index.html (plus a style.css) which I am using to do some tests on the layouts.