BugsEverywhere html export

After some delays, I finally have an initial implementation of the html export (see bug 2f0 in the main branch for details)
At the address www.grys.it/~gian you can find an example output for the command.

Looking at bug ‘4dd’ you can see also how the comments are handled.

I’d like to hear about suggestions about the result

Things left to do order by importance:

  1. align the code standard to the rest of BE source code

  2. implement the possibility to select an output path

  3. have a small summary on the top of the index page

  4. use a different color for each status

  5. general html layout improvements (table headers for example)

  6. ability to use a template system ?

As soon as I implement at least points 1 and 2, I will set up a public branch to checkout the code.

Technical information.
For now I use only one file to implement the command. This means that also the html part is in the same file.
All the html templates are implemented as a separate class, so it is simple to move them to other files.