New template system for be html

Just pushed to my branch the new template system for the ‘html’ command of BugEverywhere.

Now there is a default template hardcoded in the command, and a new option (-t|–template-dir template_directory) that can be used to pass a different template for the html export.

The template itself is a simplified version of the previuos one, and with the -t option is no more necessary to modify the source code to modify the look of the output, but just put in one directory 4 files:

  • style.css

  • index_file.tpl

  • detail_file.tpl

  • comment_section.tpl

The tpl files are just normal html files, and of course the css file is a normal css file ;-)

As a bonus, there is also a verbose option to have a complete output of the command execution, very useful if the command is executed with a cron job.